How to Attend Two Universities at the Same Time--Connecting on Both Campuses


Registration for Courses at BGSU and UT

A student in the MPH program is considered to be enrolled at both UT and BGSU.  Classes are taken on both campuses during the time the student is pursuing the MPH degree. Some majors may have more courses at UT and others may have more courses at BGSU.  All MPH courses (those starting with PUBH or FDNU) are part of the curriculum offered by the Northwest Ohio Consortium for Public Health (NOCPH) by both universities. 

This special type of enrollment means that MPH students have two exceptions to regular course registration:

1.         MPH students register for all classes, regardless of course location, through the MyUT portal.  If the MPH student has registered for a class offered on the BGSU campus, the student must also register for only the BGSU class through the MyBG portal. No extra fees will be charged.  The additional step alerts the BGSU Registrar that the student is taking a class at BGSU. 

2.         Often students are interested in elective courses offered by other departments on either campus. In order for students to register for elective classes offered at BGSU or UT that are not part of the NOCPH curriculum, they must obtain permission from their advisor first.

  • IMPORTANT: For elective courses offered at BGSU, students must email the course number, course title, instructor, date and time offered, and how the course is graded to Dr. Sheryl Milz,, along with the approval email from their advisor. Dr. Milz will have the BGSU elective added to the UT system and will send the CRN to the requesting student once the course has been created. Once the student has registered for the BGSU elective through MyUT, the student will then need to register for the course through MyBGSU.

Email Accounts at UT and BGSU

MPH students have email accounts on at both UT and BGSU.  

ID Cards at UT and BGSU

MPH students have identification cards from both UT and BGSU.

Parking at UT and BGSU

MPH students have a special parking pass that is valid on both the UT campuses and the BGSU campus. The cost of this parking pass is $60 annually.  New students should complete the BGSU parking application that will be provided (not the parking application on the BGSU web site).Both campuses operate an electronic parking enforcement system. 

Unfortunately, due to system programming, the fee for parking for MPH students will appear as $125 on the bill. Pay only $60 for parking. The $125 amount will disappear when the system rolls over. If the full $125 is paid, a $65 credit will be applied to the student account.

Please refer to campus maps for appropriate student parking.  Students will be ticketed without a parking pass or if illegally parked.

Register your car and purchase a parking pass.

Health Insurance at Either BGSU or UT

MPH students must carry health insurance. If the student has comparable insurance with another company,  the health insurance plan available through the university can be waived. In order to get the health insurance fee removed from a student account, a waiver request must be submitted through myUT portal by no later than September 30, 2013.

Library Resources at BGSU and UT

MPH students may use any library on either campus.

Buying Books at UT and BGSU

Books for MPH classes may be purchased at university bookstores or online.  University bookstores will have the names of text books for specific classes, even if the student chooses to purchase the book online.  Some text books can be rented.

If the student choses to buy at either bookstore, books for classes offered on the BGSU campus should be purchased at the BGSU bookstore and for classees on the UT campuses, at the UT bookstore.

Electronic Classroom Support at UT and BGSU

Different systems are used by faculty to support classroom lectures and assignments.  The system at UT is called Blackboard.  The system at BGSU is called Canvas.

Name Change at BGSU and UT

If a student changes his or her name for whatever reason, both universities must be notified.