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Master of Public Health
The five majors offered through the Master in Public Health (MPH) degree address the need to provide public health professionals in a variety of disciplines in the 21st century. Government agencies, nonprofit organizations, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and schools employ public health graduates. The MPH offers an opportunity to form a dual major by combining any two of the majors. The MPH also may be combined with other professional degrees for dual majors.

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Graduate Certificate
Graduate Certificates provide an opportunity to pursue a specialization in specific areas of public health in a shorter, less intensive course of study. Course credits from a graduate certificate may be applied to appropriate majors in the MPH program should the student want to pursue a degree. The Graduate Certificates in Public Health and Emergency Preparedness, Occupational Health, Contemporary Gerontological Practice, Epidemiology, and Biostatistics and Epidemiology are offered by the University of Toledo. Federal Gainful Employment Data is available for BIEP, EPID, OH, GERO and PHER by clicking on the abbreviation after the certificate.

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